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Maidstone patients, we heard you loud and clear!


Nurse holding a purple folder standing in an bright hallway.

We’ve recently been to Maidstone Hospital to talk to patients in the Oncology department. We heard a lot of positives and some not so.

We heard only praise for the staff at the Oncology department. One person said “The staff are very friendly and gave good clear info at first appointment”.

We also heard from a family member who was told his wife needed a blood test before the drugs could be given, they then needed a blood test form but he had great difficulty finding where to get one this causing stress to himself and his wife. 

 Another individual told us they felt vulnerable sitting in the waiting room in just a hospital gown, for CT scans in the X-Ray department. 

Thanks to everyone who told us their experiences we’ve been able to share this with Maidstone Hospital and to you! If you have any experiences, big or small, good or not so good, we would love to hear them. Together we can make a difference!  


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Man smiling in his work uniform and stand outside at a healthwatch event. The quote says, "I always have a choice about which opportunities to take part in".