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Read the experinces from people who have been discharged from hospital in East Kent


Image shows a quote gather from a visit to an east kent hospital. It reads "I was kept up to date with any changes to the plans. I was given a contact number for any questions or queries after leaving hospital.

220 people have shared with us their experience of being discharged from hospital in East Kent.  You can read them all in our new report which is being published today.

We heard many positives but also areas for improvement including;

“I was surprised that in these days of computers my GP surgery did not receive any information that I was in hospital or had been released. I had to copy my release details for the Doctor as he didn’t have any idea how ill I had been.”
“My Physio was given no information about my fracture other than which wrist it was. I had to provide details of how long ago, what was done. I also had to provide a health summary and medication list.”

We will be working with Kent County Council and East Kent Hospitals on our recommendations and will keep you posted on our progress.

If you have a story to share please get in touch.  You can complete a form online here or call our free Helpline on 0808 801 0102


Healthatch Kent report on Hospital Discharge in East Kent


Man smiling in his work uniform and stand outside at a healthwatch event. The quote says, "I always have a choice about which opportunities to take part in".