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Your spotlight on local services

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Spotlight on Gypsy & Traveller communities


an illustration of a woman on crutches and a man walking past a caravan

In the first of a new series we are publishing a report on the feedback we've heard from the Gypsy & Traveller communities


Highlights include:
• We spoke to 75 people and over half of the feedback was positive
• We heard about literacy issues across the community. This lead us to develop our Healthwatch Help Cards to enable people to discreetly ask for help at their NHS appointments. Since then 7,685 cards have been distributed
• We heard from people who were missing NHS appointments as there had been no Royal Mail post to the site since July 2017. We have escalated the issue to Friends Families & Travellers who have arranged a face to face meeting with Royal Mail


Spotlight report on Gypsy & Traveller communities


Man smiling in his work uniform and stand outside at a healthwatch event. The quote says, "I always have a choice about which opportunities to take part in".