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Your vote determines our priorities


All this week we are asking people to get involved in our campaign #YourChoiceOurPriority where we give you the power to choose our priorities for the next year.
Over the 7 days we will be asking you to vote for what you think we should prioritise from April onwards. 
The options range from carers to care homes; mental health to A&E in west Kent; service contracts to children and obesity.
We’re asking you to place your votes and have a say in what we spend our time and efforts on next year.
Our CEO Steve explains in more detail, “At Healthwatch we hear from people about every health and social care service in Kent.  Whilst we would love to try and improve every service, we don’t have enough resource to do everything. That’s why we need your help to prioritise where we should focus our efforts for the year ahead. Please get involved and let us know your thoughts.”
The topics have been chosen based on the feedback we already hear from patients and professionals about.  Some of the subjects are quite sensitive.  Whilst our vote may seem light hearted we in no way are trivialising the subject matter.
The subjects are
1. Extra Care Housing OR short breaks for Carers
2. A&E in West Kent OR GP Appointments
3. Children & Adolescent Mental Health service OR hearing from young people
4. Children and obesity OR Talking therapies for mental health
5. Improving planned care OR end of life care at home
6. Substance mis-use OR Suicide prevention
7. Care at Home OR Effective contracts (this is because we have seen several new contracts recently that have been compromised due to ‘unforeseen issues’)
You can cast your votes on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
If you would like any more information or a chance to share your views, get in touch on info@healthwatchkent.co.uk


Man smiling in his work uniform and stand outside at a healthwatch event. The quote says, "I always have a choice about which opportunities to take part in".