Tips to de-stress at work and home

For Stress Awareness Week, we created a space in our office for team members to share their de-stressing tips they use at work. At the end of the week this is what we got!
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I breath it out. I do some exercise. I start to prioritise. I talk to someone.

Just breathe!

Focus on your breaths and find a meditation app to help you find your rhythm. This can be useful if you need a quick moment to recalibrate. Some apps have sessions that only last a couple of minutes!

Go for a walk

If you have a park near your office or a route that you like to take, give yourself a five-minute break to enjoy the sounds of the birds. 

“I leave my desk and go for a walk”.

Watch the clouds

Try to find something to focus on instead of your thoughts. Try to focus on the sound of a clock ticking or watching the hand move. Every time to think of a thought, push it out of your mind by the next tock. You can also watch a branch move in the wind and concentrate on only that. When you start trying this it’s hard to stay focused but over time it gets easier and makes easier to de-stress for a moment.

"When I’m stressed, I watch the clouds and try to be grateful for the amazing nature of our planet"

Talk to someone

A lot of our team said that they talk with family, friends and colleagues to help lessen the load in their mind.

Turn off all the screens

This might not be something you can do in the office to de-stress but it can be great to do it after! 

"When I’m stressed, I build Lego sets and turn off all the screens"


Whether it’s a hilly walk for 10 minutes or a leisurely jog for an hour, you’ll get a nice dose of endorphins to help relieve your stress and a pat on the shoulder for putting yourself first.

“When I’m stressed I try and go for a run”

When I’m stressed, I just keep talking at my partner and he listens to me

Have you got any tips?

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