Robbie Goatham - Healthwatch Kent Manager

Robbie originally joined us as a volunteer. He did the super helpful task of reading and summarise information for us. When a job came up, he joined the team as our Intelligence Officer, which meant he was responsible for ensuring the information and the feedback that we hear from you is heard by the right people, in the right way.

Now Robbie has overall responsibility for Healthwatch Kent and works hard to ensure your voice is heard and can drive positive change.


Lucie Price - Outcomes 

Lucie's job is to share your story directly with decision makers and work with them to design solutions to the issues you are experiencing. Lucie is a key part of our jigsaw to ensure we are making a difference. 

Erin Riley - Projects & Engagement

Erin is the newest member of our team and her role is to focus on specific issues. So for example, we might see that lots of you are calling us about mental health services, so Erin will start exploring the issues in more details and talk to more people who, like you, have used the service. That enables us to have informed and detailed conversations with the powers that be to influence change. 

Tony Ijeh - Intelligence & Reporting Officer

Tony is all things data.  He will review and analyse the feedback that you share with us. He's looking for themes and trends but also your individual stories that we need to escalate for action. Tony is working hard to ensure your story can generate as much change as possible.

Nicky Scott - Communications Manager

Nicky is all things communications. She's been with us at Healthwatch since the beginning and has helped people from all over Kent to hear about our work and encouraged them to get in touch with us. If you have a press enquiry, please contact Nicky.

Marianne Turner - Support, Intelligence & Research

Marianne heads up our Helpline and makes sure that we are on hand, ready to listen to you. It's really important to us that we are ready for any enquiry that you might have - it could be about care homes, GPs, dentists, opticians, hospitals, pharmacies, carers assessments.....the list goes on. That means we need to know about a lot of things (!) so Marianne helps everyone to stay up to date and have the most accurate information ready for you.

Lynn & Phill - Support, Intelligence & Research

Both Lynn & Phill are ready on our Helpline to support you. Do give them a call. They can help you to find the right health or social care service for you. They are also ready to listen to your experience.

Anna Serkowska - Communication Officer 

Anna is busy looking after our website and social media to ensure as many of you as possible know who we are!

Steering Group

Our Steering Group is made up of volunteers. Together they look at the information and feedback we are hearing from you and use that to determines our priorities and goals.

Their remit is to define, shape and implement what we want to achieve; and is a core part of our governance structure.

They meet on a monthly basis to determine how best to get the most impact from your stories.