Do you live in Swale? We have your invitation

Would you like to get involved in discussion with leaders from health and care in Medway & Swale about what they should do?
Invitation for Swale residents

You're invited : get involved

You are invited to join local leaders, communities and clinicians and share what matters to you most.

The sessions are organised are online and you can pick one of two dates:

  • Wednesday November 11th from 6-8:30pm
  • Thursday November 12th from 2-4:30pm

They will take place on Zoom and numbers are therefore limited. You’ll need to register in advance so that the background information can be sent to you beforehand.

The sessions are being organised by the Medway & Swale Integrated Care Partnerships (ICP) which brings together all health and care organisations across the patch.

Discussions will cover four current priority areas:

  • Providing more care services within local communities
  • Delivering outpatient services in the future
  • Transforming primary care – services delivered within GP practices
  • Improving urgent and emergency care

To register at either of the events please click on one of the following links:

11th November 2020:


12th November 2020:

If you have any queries please contact

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