What changes have we secured to the CAMHS service?

Back in 2016, we spoke with 302 people about their experience of children and adolescent mental health services.
Front cover of the report on Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Kent. The image is a silhouette of a persons head made up of jigsaw puzzle pieces.


We heard a wide range of concerns including unacceptable waiting times, complicated referral process, poor communication, lack of support for families, lack of services for people with autism, and huge challenges when moving to adult services.

Since we published our findings, the contract for the CAMHS service has been retendered. It was vital that our findings were included in the review of the service, the tender process and the ultimate contract negotiations.

What’s changed as a result?

  • A new organisation now delivers the CAMHS service in Kent

  • A new Eating Disorder service has been commissioned

  • Services for young people with autism are being reviewed and developed. Healthwatch have asked to be involved with this
  • Our feedback about autism is now part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Individual feedback about named members of staff has been investigated and acted upon
  • The voice of patients and families has been heard by decision makers


You can read the original report plus our Impact report which details our original findings.

Healthwatch Kent Impact report on CAMHS 2018
Healthwatch Kent report on CAMHS 2016

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