What is everyone saying about mental health services?

There are 152 Healthwatches across the country and together we hear more about mental health services than anything else.
tHealthwatch England's mental health report front cover. The images on the report incudes one of an older man and another of young people chatting.


In total 34,000 people have shared their experience of mental health services.

Healthwatch England has pulled together feedback from all over the country into this single report which you can read below. 

We've done a lot of work in Kent focusing on mental health including our focus on the Children & Adolescent Mental health service and most recently visits to community mental health clinics to talk directly to patients.  The feedback we hear in Kent is not unique and is replicated all over the country.  Read the report to find out what other people are saying too.


If you need this report in a different format please let us know at info@healthwatchkent.co.uk.

What people have told us about mental health

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