How did people cope during lockdown in April?

Since early April, we have been listening to people's stories about lockdown. We wanted to understand how they have been coping.

Each week we have been sharing what we've heard with decision makers across health and social care to help inform their emergency planning.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their personal stories and to the organisations who have given us feedback on behalf of their clients.

Today we are publishing all the feedback we heard during April. The monthly feedback allows us to examine the themes and the trends and to see how peoples' needs have changed in just a few short weeks.

We'll be publishing a monthly report from now until the crisis is over so do keep coming back to read the latest updates.

We will still to hear from more people. It doesn't have to be a big story, we want to hear about the little things too. Have you managed to get your prescription? Have you needed to see your GP? Have you had an outpatient appointment? Are you feeling more anxious? How have you been looking after yourself?

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

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To read our report summarising all the feedback we heard in April, please click on the report below. 

Healthwatch COVID feedback April 2020

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