Helping people to get dental care

Read how we have helped people to get the dental care that they need
Helping people to get dental care

We hear from more people who are struggling to get a dentist appointment than any other issue. Whilst we don’t have a magic wand to get people an appointment, we do listen to every individual person and support them with their unique issue.

In some cases we’ve been able to get people the dental care that they need.

I could be refused this injection next month which could have severe side effects on me. I have already had sacral and pelvis fractures due to my osteoporosis and any break in my treatment could make my condition worse. I need to have this injection next month but will probably be refused it because of not having a dental check-up before hand. Could you please advise if there is anything that I am able to do?

We helped Jane to get an urgent dental appointment.

We've since calculated the cost of the social benefits to Jane using our Social Return on Investment framework. 

Our intervention has provided Jane with £1,181 worth of social value and saved her over £25 too.

Read more in our report below.

More examples

Another example of the value of the support we offer is when we helped a pregnant homeless woman to get a dental appointment. 

Poor dental health was affecting both her and her pregnancy. By getting her an appointment with a dentist, we can calculate a total of £2,500 worth of social value.

Read all the details and how we have calculated the benefits in our report below.

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