What did you tell us in April?

1,465 of you came to us in April to share your experience of using health and social care services or to seek information.
what did you tell us in April?

Every month we review all the feedback we've heard. We're looking for the themes and trends in the information to see what we should be focusing on. 

Every day we're on the look out for the quieter voices; the individual stories that might need urgent intervention or cases that might need escalating.

We anonymise your stories before sharing them directly with the right decision maker so they can hear your experience and use it to improve the service for other people.

This report gives you an overview of what we heard in April and what happened as a result.

Headlines include:

  • As always the majority of feedback is from people who can't get a dental appointment, or are struggling to see a GP
  • A number of people have reported feeling let down by the care package provided by social services
  • We continue to hear issues about the eConsult service
  • Feedback about mental health services accounted for 18% of the feedback
  • Fishermen told us that they regularly delay going to see a Doctor either because it is difficult to get an appointment outside of fishing hours, and because they can't take time away from fishing to attend appointments

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us; your feedback helps to improve services for other people.

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Whatever it is we want to hear about it. 

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Healthwatch Kent Insight report April 2022

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