Urgent Care Consultation listens to patients

Residents in North Kent have recently been asked for their thoughts on plans to create an Urgent Treatment Centre. 16,500 people responded and it's brilliant to see plans change as a result of their views.

Last year, Dartford Gravesham & Swanley Clinical Commissioning Group (who organise health services in that area) consulted with local people about their plans to develop a new Urgent Treatment Centre to provide urgent, but not life threatening, treatment.

The CCG actively involved Healthwatch Kent at every stage of their process and came to talk to our local volunteers on many occasions to keep us uptodate and test their thinking with us.

The CCG sought feedback from the public about where to locate the new Urgent Treatment Centre. The proposal offered a choice between Darent Valley Hospital and Gravesham Community Hospital.

Based on feedback from the public, the CCG has now announced that it will create two Urgent Treatment Centres; one at Darent Valley Hospital and another at Gravesham Community Hospital.


It's fantastic to see a public consultation that has been well organised and has clearly listened to people from all walks of life. The feedback from 16,500 people has resulted in the plans changing to develop not one, but two Urgent Treatment Centres. This change would not have come about without the public making their voice heard
— Healthwatch Kent's, Steve Inett

Interested in reading the report?

You can now read the full consultation report on the CCG's website. 

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