We want to hear from more people about lockdown. Could you help?

It’s really important that we hear how people are coping right now. We can ensure that your feedback can inform emergency planning and help organisations to plan how to get back to 'normal'.

Many community groups and voluntary organisations are already sharing with us the feedback they are hearing from their clients and members.

Could you get involved too?

Have you been hearing how your clients have been affected by lockdown? Have they talked to you about their concerns or any difficulties getting access to support or the care that they may need? Are you aware of any issues that would be useful for emergency planners to know?


If the answer is YES to any of these points, then PLEASE get in touch.

We want to make this as easy as possible as we know you will be incredibly busy. If we can arrange a short regular phone call we can gather all the feedback we need.

Get in touch on info@healthwatchkent.co.uk 

What will you do with the feedback?

Every week we are sharing a report with emergency planners which summarises everything that we have heard that week. If you have contributed to the report, we'll make sure you get a copy too so you can see your feedback in context.

The feedback is then used to help inform what needs to change and supports the conversations that are taking place around how we return to 'normal'.

We're using the weekly feedback to develop a monthly report which has all the feedback so far and will allow us to analyse the themes and trends in more detail.

We hope to hear from you soon. By getting in touch, you can ensure the voice of your clients is heard by the people making decisions right now.

Thank you!

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