Have you been looked after by the community nursing team?

Do you have ideas about what could be improved about the nursing care that you receive at home? Your questions could help inform what researchers should focus on.
question about community nurses

Here are a few examples of questions from other people:

I want to be part of discussing my progress. Why don’t I feel like I am?

Why can’t the same person always visit me, as they know about me?

If I’ve given my permission for my door access code to be used, why don’t the whole district nursing team use the code?                                                              

Do you have your own questions or comments? Are you a carer or do you look after your member of your family? They'd love to hear from you too.

Researchers from the National Institute of Health Research want to know what they should be focusing on, so share your thoughts here before Feb 15th.

Tell us your story about nursing care at home too.

We always want to hear your experiences. We share your stories directly with the people who commission and deliver nursing care at home. 

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