When I told my friend that I was getting the vaccine, his response was ‘Bravissimo!'

This week we spoke to Libby who has recently had her first COVID-19 vaccine.
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“I received a text at about 3pm last Tuesday to invite me to use the “My GP” app to attend a COVID-19 vaccination at Meopham surgery. The whole process took about five minutes! I was given a series of time slots between 9am onwards for Saturday 30th I chose 9 to 9.30 assuming that was the first slot and hoping to avoid the inevitable queue!

I felt greatly relieved to be invited for a vaccination. I felt reassured that if I didn’t reply to the text that I would have received a phone call or letter.

The day of the vaccine it was absolutely pouring with rain! Some of the roads were a bit flooded too which was worrying but the centre was only a fifteen-minute drive away and there was plenty of parking.  I donned my waterproof hooded coat and my rain hat. When I arrived, I was about ten minutes early and there were about eight people in front of me. However, by the time I was at the front of the queue there were over twenty people behind me!

When the door opened people went in efficiently. I sanitised my hands then went to one of the 6 desks, where I was asked some questions to confirm my identity which took next to no time. Then I was given a card with information and the date of next vaccine.

After I had had the vaccination, I was asked to sit down for fifteen minutes just to check I was okay. I felt very safe at the appointment, the people giving the vaccine were in full PPE. I was back home within an hour of leaving!”

Libby wanted to praise the public

The public have been fantastic for volunteering for vaccination trials, I wanted to volunteer but I wasn’t eligible. It is no mean task to move from a creative scientific hunch to fruition in less that twelve months. Corners haven’t been cut, what’s been cut is the bureaucracy around the testing. This is a health emergency, and our health services can’t cope. Although I would prefer to have the second vaccine sooner, I understand why there is a wait.

I check in with the COIVD 19 site which was set up by set up by Professor Tim Spector and his team each day. You can see what the state of infection is in your area as well as report if you’ve had a test or a vaccine.”

If you would like to take a look at the COVID-19 site, click here

I felt very safe at the appointment, the people giving the vaccine were in full PPE. I was back home within an hour of leaving!

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