Inspirational women for International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day we chatted to the brilliant Katy Styles. We've worked with Katy many times over the years and we know she has inspired many other people too.
international women's day

Katy is a full time carer for her husband Mark who has motor neurone disease. She also looks after her mother and still finds time to campaign to life better for other unpaid carers through her campaign We Care Campaign.

Listen to our interview with Katy about what life has been like for her during lockdown and what she's been doing to help fellow carers. You won't fail to be inspired!

Listen to Katy talking to us on International Women's Day

4.5 million people have become carers in the UK since the pandemic started.

That means that 13.6 million people are now looking after someone. 

Katy offers her advice to other people who may be in her position is:

recognise to yourself that you are a carer, as well as a Mum, daughter, son, auntie

that will allow you to get some help, both financial, practical and emotional

you can get a Carers Assessment

you can get your Covid vaccine earlier - unpaid carers are being offered the vaccine right now

don't struggle alone. There is loads of support online for you

I'm just one of 150,000 carers in Kent
— Katy Styles

Katy's message to decision makers

Covid has changed the way people view the word carer. People often think of a carer as a paid professional these days. 

But unpaid carers provide £56 million in care every day in the UK. 

Please think about mental health support for carers

Involve carers in decisions about services. Talk to us and try to understand how even small changes to a service can have an impact on someone like me

Do you look after someone?

Do you know what support is available to you? Give us a call on 0808 801 0102 and we can let you know and put you in touch with the right people. 

Tell us how you are coping and what would be helpful for you. We can make sure decision makers hear your voice.

Tell us your story

Thanks so much Katy for finding the time to talk to us. 

We know you will find Katy an inspiration on International Women's Day.

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