Do you really know if you are negative?

We might feel fine, but around a third of all people with Coronavirus have no symptoms.
do you really know if your negative?

Everyone is being encouraged to test themselves twice a week at home as part of the next stage of easing restrictions.

Tests are available to order for free and are quick and easy to do yourself at home.

Regular testing will give you peace of mind but will also help to stop the spread of the virus. 

How do I get a test?

There are a range of ways to get a FREE testing kit:

  • most pharmacies are offering free kits
  • order kits online to be delivered to your house
  • pick up kits from a Covid testing centre. Find yours here
  • get testing kits from your school, university or nursery, although primary school aged children and younger do not need to test regularly

For more information visit the NHS website here

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