Talking about wheelchair services

Together with the Kent Physical Disability Forum, and other local groups, we've been working for several years to improve wheelchair services in Kent & Medway.
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This week, we chatted to Tamsin Flint who works for the Clinical Commissioning Group. Tamsin was one of the first people we talked to when we started hearing negative stories from people about the wheelchair service.

We talked to her about the work that's been done since then and reflected on how integral peoples' stories have been to drive improvements to the service. 

Talking about wheelchair services in Kent & Medway

Your stories are powerful

Tamsin wanted to thank everyone who took the time to share their experience of the wheelchair service. Your stories were key to helping the service to get better and Tamsin wanted to encourage you to continue to share your story.

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What's changed thanks to you?

When we first started hearing stories about the wheelchair service, we heard from people who were unhappy and frustrated. People talked about extremely long waiting times to get an assessment and a chair, plus frustrating waits for repairs and replacements.

Since then we've seen a number of improvements including:

  • quicker repairs
  • shorter waits for assessment and wheelchairs
  • better communication with wheelchair users and carers
  • reduction in complaints and increase in positive feedback


These changes are thanks to a team effort. Individuals and organisations from across Kent & Medway came together with the single aim to improve the service. Thanks to everyone who was involved including the Kent Physical Disability Forum and the Centre for Independent Living

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