We chat to the Director of Adult Social Care about Carers

We asked Chris McKenzie from Kent County Council, your questions about Kent's adult carers strategy.
adult carers strategy

Kent Count Council are seeking your feedback about their draft adult carers strategy. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions for Chris. We've got all the answers for you right here. 

Chatting to Chris McKenzie, Director of Adult Social Care about Kent's adult carer's strategy

What do carers want?

Chris, and his team, have already heard from lots of carers about what they want and need, but they want to hear what you think too. The feedback they've heard has helped them to develop the strategy. 

So far, Carers have told them that they want the following:

a quick response when they need help

support to keep their own identity

clear communication

social services to work better with other organisations, especially the NHS

the right advice and information

The strategy has three core principles:

  1. Supporting you to be you
  2. Best support possible at the right time
  3. A focus on making a difference and a positive change for carers

Read the strategy in more detail here

Listen to our conversation with Chris to hear his answers to other questions, such as how they plan to support carers financially and how will they find carers who aren't currently getting support.

You have until midnight on February 22nd to share your thoughts on the draft strategy.

Read the strategy and share your thoughts

Carers make an overwhelming contribution to the people they support, and society as a whole. We recognise your contribution and we want to make sure you get the support that you need.
— Chris McKenzie, Director of Adult Social Care, Kent County Council

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