We hear your experiences (the good and not so good), but what have we done with them? 

Sometimes, it can be hard to see where your experiences have made a difference because it is often done behind the scenes. Here you can see what we've been able to change thanks to you. 

Some of your experiences we have used alongside similar stories from other people. Together your collective experiences can drive positive changes. You can read about these changes in our project impact reports. 

Many of you also contact us through our Helpline to share your stories and seek information or signposting.  You can read more about how we've been able to use your individual comments to help improve things for others in our 'You Said, We Did' reports below.

Hopefully this will encourage you to get in touch and tell us your story....

What difference have we made?

Thanks to you sharing your voice, we are able to create positive change to local health and social care services. Our project impacts are about the differences we've made 

What have we done?

You Said, We Did

Read about how we have used your feedback to make positive changes for people like you. 

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