Focus on Patient Experience

NHS Trusts all over Kent come to Healthwatch regularly seeking guidance on how to involve patients, carers and families more constructively in their services.  In this report, we discuss patient experience.
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Most of the Trusts have a Patient Experience Committee (PEC) which involves patients and is designed to involve people in the development and improvement of services, however each Trust experiences challenges to make this the most effective and representative group.

Healthwatch Kent offered to bring together leads from each of the NHS Trusts to facilitate a conversation and provide a platform for the Trusts to work together, share best practice and generate solutions.

Key Questions

We discussed key questions to ensure they maximise the potential of patient experience. Some of these were:

  • Have you mapped your communities and who lives in your patch?
  • What relationships do you currently have with communities?
  • What channels do you have to gather patient experience/ feedback?
  • What are you doing with that data?

You can find what else we discussed, including the next steps, within our patient experience focus report. 


Focus on patient experience report

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