Kent Care Homes & Covid : The Reality

Today we are publishing a report detailing feedback from 204 Care Homes across Kent. The report shares what it has been like during COVID-19 and what lessons have been learnt.
Care Homes in Kent in Covid

The report highlights many individual stories and presents some clear themes including:

  • Reports of ‘super staff’ with staff moving into Care Homes and not seeing their families to protect residents
  • Staff told us they are now feeling tired and the emotional impact of the pandemic is being widely discussed
  • Residents and families have struggled with social distancing restrictions, but care homes have been innovative in using video calls where possible and window visits.
  • Testing for staff and residents has been an issue
  • We heard about a sense of community, care homes feeling supported by their local community, each other and broadly they felt well supported by Kent County Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Homes told us how they have adapted to keep everyone's spirits up
We spoke to 204 Care Homes over a 2 week period and we heard some real heart-warming stories about the lengths Care Home staff have gone to protect their residents and keep up peoples’ spirits. We also heard about a number of issues which we have shared with Kent County Council and across the NHS to help inform decision makers about how to support our Care Homes if another outbreak was to occur.”
— Robbie Goatham, Healthwatch Kent Manager

If you have a story to tell about living in a Care Home right now, then do get in touch. Call the Helpline for FREE anytime on 0808 801 0103 or email


Here is the full report. Let us know what you think.

Kent Care Homes in Covid : The reality

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