Helping our volunteers to learn digital skills

During the pandemic, we wanted to ensure that our volunteers could continue to feel involved and empowered to complete their work in a digital world
helping our volunteers to learn digital skills

The work our volunteers do is crucial, not only to our success and achievements, but to our functioning as an organisation. During the Covid pandemic, we wanted to make sure our volunteers still felt engaged, motivated, included, and appreciated by us. For many of our volunteers, this meant helping them to develop the skills and confidence to do their work digitally and join in with our digital workforce. 

This report details the social impact that our support has had on our volunteers. We've also been able to calculate the social return on our investment in our volunteers. 

For every pound that we have invested to train our volunteers, we can see a social return of £52.46.

Another way to calculate it would indicate that the increased quality of life, caused by our intervention to help them gain IT skills and confidence is equivalent to £1,462.5 per year, per volunteer.


We're really proud that we've been able to help our volunteers in this way, during what has been a difficult time for everyone. 

You can read more about the tools we used to measure our impact in our report.

Healthwatch Kent Social Return on Investment - Volunteer Digital Skills

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