Special Educational Needs : a new pathway

We've been helping decision makers to develop a new pathway for children and young people who have special educational needs.
special educational needs

Ofsted recently published a report criticising Kent's services for young people who have Special Educational Needs. We have also published the feedback we heard from over 127 people about their recent experience of Autism services in Kent.

Together these two reports highlight the urgent need to provide better support for the thousands of young people (and their families) who are living with Autism or ADHD in Kent.

This month we presented to the 0-25 Health & Wellbeing Board which brings together all the key organisations and professionals who commission and provide services for young people in Kent.

We talked to them about the challenges for people who are part of the current Special Educational Needs system.

We are working with decision makers to help design a new pathway for people in this situation and we're encouraging more parents and carers to get involved in these conversations. 

One step forward that is already in place, are joint health and social care surgeries where parents can come and get support and information. More information, dates and venues for these sessions can be found on the Facebook page for the Kent Parent and Carers Forum @KentPACT

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