Do you use translation or interpreter services when you go to an NHS appointment?

The NHS wants to hear about your experience of using translation or interpreter services when you visit the dentist, pharmacy or optician.
do you need an interpreter

At Healthwatch we often hear from people about the challenges they face trying to get a translator or interpreter when they attend medical appointments. 

Knowing that a translator or interpreter is going to be at your appointment is essential to enabling you to be able to make informed decisions about your care.

They are essential for people whose first language is not English, people who are Deaf or Blind or who might use British Sign Language.

The NHS is looking to improve the translation and interpreting service at your dentist, pharmacy and optician appointments. They are particularly seeking feedback about the following support:

  • Face-to-face interpreting for patients whose first language is not English
  • Video interpreting services
  • Non-spoken face-to-face interpreting for deaf and hard of hearing patients
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Written translation of clinical documents

Share your thoughts

It's important that you tell decision makers about your experience so far and let them know what you need before November 29th.

Speakers of community languages whose first language is not English can provide feedback here.

People who use sign language or lip reading can provide their feedback here.

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