Being invited for the vaccine made me feel like there’s hope

This week we spoke to 21-year-old Sebastian who has recently had his vaccine. We've been hearing peoples' vaccine stories and questions and sharing them directly with decision makers. Tell us your story.
vaccine story

“I was actually in bed when my GP surgery called, but luckily someone else answered the phone! I was invited to have a vaccination because of my health and they said that there was an appointment ready for me to grab, so I was given a specific time as well as instructions on what to do. The surgery made it very clear I shouldn’t attend if I had any COVID-19 symptoms. However, a bit later I got a text telling me I should book an appointment for the next day, but when I phoned the surgery back they cleared things up and confirmed my appointment was at the original time.

I was genuinely really excited when I got the call, it made me feel like there’s some hope this will get cleared up soon. I wasn’t nervous as I knew what to expect, I’m not scared of vaccines and I trust the science behind them. My vaccination was at my GP surgery which is only a five minutes’ walk away so travel wasn’t a concern either.

The appointment process was good. There was a small queue, but it didn’t take longer than five minutes to get inside. There was a desk where I gave my name and received a card with my vaccine information. Pretty much straight after that I was sent to a room where a nurse went through some safety and demographic questions and then I had my vaccine. It wasn’t painful at all. I felt safe and everything seemed to have been planned out properly. After my vaccine I was sent to a waiting room for fifteen minutes and there was enough distance between everyone.

Despite being a lot younger than the current age demographic eligible for vaccines, I don’t think anyone was concerned or confused about why I was having mine now.

I think everything went really well and I have felt fine since having the vaccination. My arm was a bit achy the next day but that’s the extent of it
— Sebastian

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