Are you under 18, live in East Kent or Swale and have a long term health condition?

This is your chance to speak up. The NHS want to hear from you because they want to improve the way your care is organised and co-ordinated.
are you under 18 with a long term health condition

If you have a health condition such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy and you are under 18 (or under 25 if you have a disability) plus you live in either East Kent or Swale, then the NHS wants to hear from you.

They realise that managing your condition can be complicated with lots of appointments and professionals often not working together. They want to hear what annoys you most and listen to you about the realities of living with your condition.

The first part of that is a survey.

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Parents and carers are important too

If you are a parent of someone with a long term condition then the NHS wants to hear from you too.

The NHS is working with the Council for Disabled Children to hear from as many families and young people as possible in East Kent, Swale & Medway.

There is a survey specifically for parents.

Parents tell your story

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