Did you find it easy to get your covid vaccine?

Last year, 77 people got in touch with us about the Covid vaccination programme. 48% of these people were people struggling to ‘grab their jab’.

We interviewed the Lead for the Vaccination Programme in Kent and Medway and shared articles to answer your questions and concerns.

We also helped professionals, including substance misuse workers and carer organisations, to get their jabs so that they could continue helping those in need.

People with learning disabilities and their families were another group that contacted us for help.

This cohort had an increased risk of dying from Covid, therefore it was important they had their jab. We advised individuals and shared information on our website for others. Some parents of children had learning disabilities told us that they found vaccination centres over stimulating. We passed this feedback to the Community Health Trust who then found alternative and more suitable venues for them to have their jabs.

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