What did people tell us in the second two weeks of January?

You spoke and we have listened. Read on to find out what you told us in the second two weeks of January.
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Huge thanks to everyone who has shared their story with us. If we don't hear the issues, then we can't fix them!

Usually we produce a monthly report, but for Lockdown 3 we wanted to get your feedback heard quicker, so we are producing a fortnightly report instead.

The top issues for people contacting us between 15 - 31tst Jan were:

We continue to hear about health care service disruption, with cancellations of outpatient appointments and no news of rescheduled appointments.

We have heard more stories about the struggles that people face when trying to access NHS dental treatment.

The continued lockdown is having a lasting impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

We have heard multiple stories about people accessing their Covid vaccine, with a mixture of stories about how well run the service was, to the issues around queuing outside in bad weather for it.

So many of you have been in touch to share your experience of being vaccinated, or to ask questions about the vaccine programme. We asked the Head of the Vaccine Programme all your questions, and more. Listen the answers here.

Don't struggle alone. Talk to us. 

Tell us how you are feeling. Tell us about your worries. Tell us what is working well for you too - the good stories are just as important. 

We're not a counseling service, but we can make sure decision makers understand what it's like for you right now. It's important that they hear how lockdown is affecting you, and your family, so that they can plan services accordingly.

Get in touch with us anytime on our freephone Helpline on 0808 801 0102

If you'd rather not chat to a real person, then you can always complete our online form here 


Public insights 15-31st Jan 2021

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